Coasting 4 COVIDJune 20 - June 26

About Coasting for Covid

Ava’s Audacious Oregon Coast Skateboard Ride

Ava Chandler

My Story

My name is Ava Chandler and I’m 13 years old. While in the midst of being quarantined – and bored out of my mind – I had an audacious idea. What if I could ride down the beach from one end of the Oregon Coast – Astoria – to the other – Brookings – on an electric skateboard, while raising money for families that have been affected by COVID-19. With the conditions our world, country, and state are in I want to do something to give back. This is really important to me because when my Dad lost his job a few years back, I knew what it was like not knowing if food was going to be on the table or wondering if the power was going to get shut off. I know that parents work their tail off to support their family’s and right now that might be hard to do if they were laid off because of COVID. I no longer have to go through that but seeing others go through it makes me truly realize how fragile lives are and I want to do my best to help.

My Charity

The Oregon Food Bank is moving extraordinary volumes of food into communities facing hunger and unemployment at profound rates. They are developing systems to prevent hunger from becoming a symptom of COVID-19, and to hopefully end hunger for good.

My Goal

My goal is to raise $25,000 for the Oregon Food Bank in addition to hopefully inspiring other kids to maybe do something crazy to raise awareness and money for kids just like us who are struggling right now.


I LOVE all kinds of BOARDING! 



A huge shout out to our sponsors:

Evolve Skateboards


Dutch Bros.

Finance of America Mortgage

The Place Portland Team at Keller Williams

Russell Hosner Commercial Real Estate

Loughney and Associates

Zealot Branding

Their commitment and sponsorship is making this possible and I'm honored they've partnered with me.

Coasting Facts

Mile Tour
Days to Complete
Oz of Water Consumed per Day

My Team

Every tour needs a support team!
David Chandler Dad, Driver, and Tour Manager
Sara Chandler Mom, Traffic Cop and Bodyguard


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